My name is İsa Özler. Here is my website: . I live in Brussels, Belgium and work as an Art Director at Fedactio.
Isa Ozler is a professional brand developer. Besides branding he does a lot of other things like web application development, arabic calligraphy, photographing, scripting, drawing, making infographics, cover designs, typesetting and more... Feel free to contact him @isaozler

İsa Özler

is a professional brand and web application developer. Besides this he does a lot of other things like bug fixing, drawing, drawing infographics, cover designs, typesetting, arabic calligraphy and some other things...
if you need a new corporate or personal website
or if you have an development issue on your website
if you ever need infographics for your project
if you ever need a Corporate Identity design from scratch
or if you want to rebrand your product
or something different
feel free to contact me!